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MRI Results ?

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Can you please explain this to me? I have extreme pain that radiates down my right leg. Should I be seeing a doctor on a regular basis? Should I be on pain medicenes? I was but a different doctor I tried to see said I had no reason to be on medicenes. If that is the case why do I hurt so bad all the time? Thank you.

Findings: Lumbar spinal alignment is normal. Vertebral body heights are well maintained as are intervertebral disc spaces. The signal intensity of the spinal cord and CSF spaces are normal. The cord terminates at the level of T12-L1.
There are degenerative changes in the discs at the lower 3 intervertebral disc space levels. There are also facet degenerative changes at each of these levels.
At L4-5 there is some slight central disc protrusion present without overt canal stenosis. I believe there is mild to moderate bilateral foraminal stenosis.
At L5-S1 I believe there is a small central disc protrusion without overt canal stenosis. Mild bilateral foraminal stenosis is seen.
-Small central disc protrusion at L5-S1.
-Bilateral foraminal stenosis L4-5 and L5-S1 secondary to degenerative changes in the facets as well
as disc bulging and end plate osteophytes.
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replied February 28th, 2009
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Hi grtlady63 i think your doctor is being pretty hard on you when he says you had no reason to be on medicines.

your MRI does not specifically state that you have any nerve compression but there is some degree of narrowing of the channels that the Nieves run through and there is the possibly that your nerves are being compressed as you move around and anyway you have some arthritis in your facet joints each vertebra has a pair of these at the rear that guide motion of the joints this enough is likely to cause pain your problems are probably all interrelated and have been developing over a quite some time.

good luck
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replied March 6th, 2009
Mri results
I believe if you indeed have pain down your legs then you indeed have some sort of nerve
impingements. Let your summarizing physician or impression Docs know of that nerve pain . Thus they could site the exact level ,and MM length of Disc material/. Finding the exact length and precise location are mandatory in order for a minimally evasive procedure which seem to work well if the above factors are accurate. Removing a small part of the problem such as Freeing The Nerve is so important in eliminating alot of agnizing pain , Start the process of elimination from conservative if you may or began opion surgical route. I am definetely a back patient severely and check out the diifference between an assisted Mri and one that is covered by insurance, logically speaking -peace BJ-- RELIEFE IS NECCESARY
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replied June 3rd, 2009
lower back pain and numness in the foot
i have pain in my lower back for over a year and my foot on my right side has gone num as well there is a lot of pain when.i walk.i am on tramidol 200mg a day what is the corse of my problem
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