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Mri Results cervical spine without contrast

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Hello my name is Nicole
I had a Mri friday but want to know if it is severe I am waiting to get into the doctor the first was cervical spine without contrast

Multilevel spondylotic disease in the cervical spine as outlined below with small central disc protrusions at c3/4 and c4/5 which minimally contour the ventral cord margin but do not cause cord compression.Mild degree of canal narrowing noted at c3/4.Mild posterior disc-osteophyte complexes also noted at c5/6 and c6/7 without canal narrowing or cord deformity at those levels.

on sagittal images there is reversal of cervical lordosis.No eveidence of acute compression fracture.Normal cord signal intensity.

Note is made of muscosal thickening in the sphenoid sinus.

at c3/4 there is a small central disc protrusion which minimally contours the ventral cord margin.
at c5/6 there is minimal poswterior osseous ridging without cnal stenosis or cord compression.suspect tiny proximal right foraminal protrusion (axial image #12)without significant foraminal stenosis.
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