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MRI (R) ankle, wait to see my ortho or get in sooner

On 4/5/16 I fell and had an xray. It showed a lateral malleolus fracture of the right ankle. Last week, Dr was concerned with the amount of swelling, bruising and pain. Therefore he scheduled me for an MRI this past Saturday. Results came back today but I dont see the dr again till 5/23. Debating on if I should wait till then to see my ortho or if I should try to get in sooner with someone else.

Mri says
Again identified are changes of a lateral malleolus fracture as identified on x-ray. With surrounding large amounts of edema, they are no definite ligamentous injury to be confirmed. Abundant fluid noted within the sinus tarsus and probable deltoid ligaments.
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replied May 2nd, 2016
Thanks in advance.
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