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MRI for possible brain tumor ?

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I am a 29 year old male. I don't know that I have a brain tumor, but I've been having worsening symptoms over several years. Mostly visual symptoms in my left eye....flashes of light, sensitivity to light, pressure behind eye, many floaters. I saw an opthamologist several years ago, and no papilledema was found. I actually has 20/20 vision aside from my other symptoms. I also have pressure in both ears, sensitivity to certain ranges of sound, general weakness, and recently I've developed a frequent, but somewhat mild headache at the top of the head just over my right ear. Sometimes this moves to above the right or left eyebrow, and sometimes behind the eyes. I'm sure I left out some of them but those are the most obvious. I had a CT scan done about 6 years ago, without contrast, and nothing remarkable was found. In hindsight, i should have done it with contrast, but I didn't want radioactive die in my veins too.

Anyway.... I've decided I need an MRI to rule out anything serious, but my GP can only refer a CT scan. I had enough radiation from the last one. I have no insurance, so I would like to go directly to the most affordable doctor that would be willing to refer me. If a neuro-opthamologist could do it, that would probably be the best route, as they can check for papilledema beforehand.
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replied September 1st, 2009
You do not have brain tumor for sure. If you did, you'd already be toast by now. It's probably a nerve problem, I suggest doing MRI of the SPINE rather than the actual head.
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