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Movement, throbbing, pulsing thing in my chest

Could someone please shed some light on this thing I have in my chest.
It feels as if it is right at the bottom, on the inside of my right rib cage. There is something there and it has a life of it's own. It hasn't bothered me for a while but it has been there for about 5 years. At one time over a period of a few months it would pulsate like it had it's own heartbeat, strong and regular, really scary. And it would move around in the same spot and every time it moved it hurt a lot. I haven't felt it for about a year, but a few weeks it came back again. I just bent over to pick something up and I felt this severe stabbing pain as though someone had stuck a thin stake through that area. It was crippling and I couldn't move for a minute or two until the pain subsided and then I slowly sat back up again although the pain was still there for a long time just duller. Since then it has begun to move again. Two weeks ago I was just sitting in church and it moved upwards really pushing up and was so painful. I just sat still and tried to breathe deeply until it stopped because I was in a public place and after a couple of minutes it stopped pushing up and relaxed - it still hurt but not the really bad hurt it had done. I can feel it now - the lump or whatever it is in my chest. I feel it's presence but it doesn't hurt. I just know that it's going to keep happening again and I don't know when the pain will come on, when it will begin to move, it could be when I'm driving or doing something that will cause an accident to myself.
I did go to the doctors about it 5 years ago and the doctor suggested Gall Stones and had an ultrasound done but they found nothing.
I want to go to the doctor again but I just don't know what to suggest that it is, I can't find anything on the internet that sounds like what I have.
Please help.
The only thing it sounds like is an aneurysm but that sounds a little too serious. I just don't know what it could be.
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replied May 3rd, 2012
You are not alone my friend. I have a heart in my chest too, pretty crazy feeling I must admit but I have faith the awkwardness will cease soon. Just a friendly testimony. I thought I was alone.
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