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motor weakness accompanying the numbness in arm and hand

My girlfriend got a spinal tap and CT scan done at the hospital because she was at the gym stretching and was hit with a sudded "pain behind her eye" as she described it. This was associated with a shooting "numb pain" down her right leg and arm. Her vision went blurry at the time this occured. She of course tried to ignore it and not get it checked out, but her Mom of course made her go to the doctor. They ordered a CT scan, which turned up nothing, and next in line was the lumbar puncture. The TERRIBLE hospital assigned an RN to administer the lumbar puncture. The nurse failed to ask how she was feeling and she was uber tense and shaking with nervousness. The dumb RN did not deliver any anxiety medicine or anything to get her to relax, just the local anesthetic used to dull the lumbar area. In terror she was bent over the table while still shaking and this RN attempted the procedure. The patient described the RN missing 7-10 times when stabbing her spine feeling the needle come in contact with vertebrae and just multiple failed attempts. She screamed in agony during these attempts. The RN finally gave up, thank God, and told the patient that her spine resembled an elderly patient who had osteoporosis, as an excuse as to why she had screwed up and kept attempting. I personally believe it was simply all the fault of the RN. First off I wouldn't have trusted an RN to do the procedure, the RN was in control of her positioning over the table and should have got her in the right position, and finally I can not imagine trying this procedure on someone who is shaking in terror and as tense as a steel rod. That sounds like a recipe for disaster and I know very little about health care.

After these painstaking dry-taps, the nurse got the doctor who administered a shot of valum to get her to calm down and completed a successful puncture on the first attempt.

They never checked in with her or told her anything nor found anything pertaining to her original episode.

It has been 3 weeks and her headaches have lightened up slightly but they vary day-to-day. She still has back pain and is limited in mobility.

This doesn't worry me way too much because I have looked around online and those symptoms, along with her occasional nausea, seem to be 'normal' results of terribly failed LPs.

What does, is that she still has strong numbness in her right leg and arm, as well as the "pain behind her right eye". The scary part is the motor weakness accompanying the numbness in her arm and hand.

Apparently, the numbness "comes and goes". So it will be stronger sometimes and feel better other times.

If I ask her to squeeze both my hands as hard as she can, the right hands seems to be about 40-45% as strong as the left hand (not taking into account she is right hand dominant which would make the true strength closer to 35%!) She doesn't describe the numbness as really painful, but the numbness does get worse as night.

I don't know if the ongoing numbness and weakness is a result of her original episode with the "behind the eye pain" and shooting numbness down the right side's appendages, or a result of nerve root damage from the spinal tap or what?!?

I am just worried as hell and am wondering what she should do?!?

She is scheduled for a neurology appointment, but of course the appointment is a month out.

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