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Mother having depression or psychology disorder

I'm married for 6 years now, past 4-5 years ago I'm a working Mom, my mother helps me to take care of my child. But last year,she complain that she unable to help me take care cause her leg is painful. So I stopped working to take care of my son.

She went for medical checks with specialist, physiotherapy, x-ray, MRI with few doctors, but diagnosed normal for both legs and backbone. The doctors refuse to operate her despite she insisted and make trouble.

All along my life she is controlling my life. Previously I gained entrance in university and I may have to stay abroad,she refuse to let me go. I have to opt somewhere nearer. After I started working, I have to support the whole family financially, I pay A-Z household expenses.when I have boyfriend,she hates him. I have to run away from home for few months before she agreed to accept I'm married with my own child, she expects us to check in every weekend with her. Else she will call early in the morning during weekends when we're sleeping and threaten us that she's dying soon. If we do accompany her most of the weekend,she will throw pails and pans to wake us to buy breakfast for her.sometimes we go for holiday with child,she would get jealous if she knows about it. When we point out these matters to her,she would argue forcing me going back to work because she is not getting enough income from me. But my brother is working with good pay and not helping to pay for household expenses. When I'm around she will make me a maid to settle all house cleaning chores.

I really want my freedom to do things I like with my family. I feel burdened.i need advise on this as it's making me very down.
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