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6 mos post injury, thyroid's out if control, sugar is 300

My thyroid was diagnosed. In 2001 it has struggled to be good. I had one Dr that got my thyroid lined out for over 3 years and then lost insurance and had to go to a little clinic that wad in a sliding scale. I had taken 300mcg and the Dr. There decided to reduce med to 150mcg he said it was to high for someone my age and I should not have been on that high of a dose. After that my thyroid got worst and I switched Dr ay the clinic and she played with meds and could never get it in a good range. She accused me of not taking my meds. Well I manage to get insurance again and git a new Dr and she was really trying to help and I had to leave the area when I left my husband. Now I am back with a nurse practioner that is trying to help and. My latest results where 70.56 where a normal. Thyroid should be .45 to 4.5. this is 6 months after I received a head injury when I was hit really really hard with a motorcycle helmet with enough force I flew back against wall hitting back of head. The helmet hit front temple. I have Visio loss and. Massive headache 24/7 with no release of the pain. And now my blood sugar is over 300 and. Before injury I was a tendency for low sugar. The current Dr now has me on 350mcg and I am have problems with. My period where I will flood fir months at a time. Please help. I am scared and depressed. And tired of being in pain and it seems worker comp Dr doesn't believe me I am now seeing a neurologist and amatripaline 75 mg isn't helping now like it did alittle a first and I had to be reduced from 100 mg iwas having bad side effects..i have lost all independence and can't drive, and have. To have help with all ADLs.
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