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Morning sickness all day long!!!

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I am almost 8 weeks pregnant and last saturday the sickness kicked in! i had last week off work as it was so bad! i cant think of food at all! its driving me mad.I have seen my DR and he sayd just to eat plain food little and often wich i have tried,but i cant keep anything down,and now its getting me down!

I just want to know if anyone else is having the same problem and if anyone has any idea on what i could eat or drink to help me! please help!

Ta cough
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replied June 15th, 2008
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i'll be 14 weeks in a couple of days and I had the same problem until I was about 11-12 weeks. I'm surprised since you can't hold anything down your doctor didn't offer you some kind of medication. Diclectin and Zofran (i think thats how you spell it) are completely safe during pregnancy and help alot with nausea, especially if you can't eat.

I know for me the thought of food at all made me feel ill. I found taking my prenatal at night helped alot (you don't mention when your taking it now), and also popsicles! I would always get sick in the car on the way to work so i'd grab a popsicles on the way out and it helped alot.

Also I found the longer I went without eating (especially when i felt sick), the more sick I would feel later on, if that makes sense. It just turned into a cycle of not feeling like i could eat for days which seemed to compound the sickness. when I did force myself to eat small meals throughout the day my sickness seemed to lessen (altough I was obviously still nauseaus and not enjoying the eating) Try to eat at least something, maybe some saltine crackers or toast, something to have in your stomach.
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replied June 16th, 2008
Really! thats how i am! i had to have a week off wok last week as i couldnt get out of bed.i went baclk today and felt like death really tbh. so i went to the DR an hour ago and he gave me a tablet called BUCCASTEM! he advised me not to take it unless i really hav to! But thats how i am i feel sick when i see/smell food and feel worse for no eating! i am just having some plain noodles now! hehe

Thanks for your reply though,it really made me feel better!
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