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Morning after pill, periods and starting Seasonique

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I took the morning after pill on December 28th and then again on Jan 10th, both times after unprotected sex. My period came about 5 days late after taking the first lot of MAPs period started on Wednesday 5th and lasted for the usual 3 days. I started bleeding again today (Jan15th). I am planning on starting Seasonique and I know I need to start it on the first Sunday after my period starts so do I start tomorrow? Is this a real period? Or should I wait until what I assume will be the next 'regular' period which should be Feb 2nd?
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replied January 16th, 2011
Especially eHealthy
lauralw1, Who knows what is going on with your cycle. The EC does affect your cycle and cause withdrawal bleeding.

So your guess is as good as anybody's. Just start it today or wait. The choice is yours. It does not make a real big difference at this stage after EC. Remember to stay away from sperm during the first 7 days.

Best of luck!

Take care.
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