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24 Months of Mystery Wounds on Ankles..Not Diabetic

Several years ago, I ventured into the Gulf of Mexico in September and had a pencil eraser sized scab on my ankle. It started stinging after a day or two but didn't really cause any problems. It grew in size slowly until it grew to the size of about 3" across. Despite trying antibiotics, weekly wound treatment and debridement as needed, steroids...nothing seemed to help. It was VERY painful but cultures showed nothing unusual and a biopsy only showed irritation.
There was a vibrio outbreak in the Gulf, and my symptoms matched it but for some reason, nothing was in the cultures that would explain the non healing wound. I had all kinds of ultrasounds, Doppler scans, and every other test, but nothing came of it. I AM diabetic, but it is well controlled and the Diabetes was ruled out as a possibility. My Dr suspected Vasculitis, but all tests for that were pretty much clean. After about 9 months, the wound suddenly began to heal rapidly and totally closed on the 1 year anniversary of getting it.
Since then, I had one more incident from the same circumstances and nearly lost my leg. The wound's progress was started with just a small scratch and eventually burrowed into my tendon, from my calf to my ankle. I have been dealing with it for 2 years now, but like the other wound...all at once for no apparent reason, it began to heal. I still have a large open wound on my calf, but it is slowly closing. I used Santyl, Tacrolimus, and Prednisone to get the wounds to heal, and it seemed to work.
This summer I went to Canada and scraped my healed ankle on the edge of a dock. I wasn't much to worry about and it healed up...except for 2 small spots. They had scabbed over but now they appear to be growing and appear identical to the previous wounds. I don't want to endure another cycle of this malady and I've been treating it similar to my other wounds that are healing, on my Drs recommendation.
Has anyone ever come across something like this? We have given up on a specific diagnosis since all tests/cultures/biopsies are negative and are trying to do what eventually happened before. It seems to have a autoimmune component as this seemed to help somewhat in the past when taking Prednisone. I go to the wound center weekly, but everyone is stumped. Any similar stories?
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