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6 months after head injury / headaches

6 months ago I was at work ( direct care residential with adults with disabilities) and a resident had an anger outburst. Me and the shift partner move to put him in a restraint hold that we ate trained to do. Well the resident chucked a motorcycle helmet full force across the room hitting me above right eye temple and with enough force I was thrown 3 foot back against the wall hitting the back left of my head.

I had to call my partner to come get me and take me to ER. I was diagnosed with a concussion. The comp Dr. Had me off work. I have sight loss in my right eye and depth perception and tunnel vision I can't drive and I have had a headache 24/7 since the injury. Pain levels 8 and above if possible. Been out of work. The HR for. Company tried to make me return. To. Work after stupid comp Dr released. Me to work and on same form. Stated I could not work. ( don't understand that one.). Well it took me til end of January. To get to nerve specialist. I have some speech problem. The day of the neurologist appointment the HR off company was trying to insist on me returning to work and said I had no restrictions. I can't provide. Care for myself with ADLs. My partner has to help me un and out of shower and do all house chores. I am maybe semi alert about 6 hours a day and sleep alot. I am still dealing with workers comp and haven't received pay since January 26. I did decline the job offer because for obvious reasons I could not do the job.

Well I am still in major pain and the neurologist had ordered an MRI and it came back normal.

Back in December. I did see and eye specialist. And. My eyes are healthy but they did a field test and the results show that. Most of the vision in my right is gone. The printed page. Was black to show the lack of vision. Also. End of January i went to my primary Doctor to get my thyroid re checked. And before the injury my thyroid was just slightly off. The results where. Bad. A normal. Thyroid is between.45 and 4.5 mine is 76.56. Then before accident my. Blood sugar had a tendency to be low and now its over 350. So now I have to let my comp lawyer to prove I am not taking and prove things are related. I know God has a plan. Since my injury we have lost so much I loss my car and. Now behind on electric. We are just have faith. If you have any suggestion or advice please. Just a few hours ago I had a sudden pain in head that brought me my knees crying.

Oh and the headache is constantly shifting around my head un different places and I can see rainbow colors when I close my eyes and have to wear sunglasses during all waking hours and the special wrap around you get after having your eyes dilated. I have light sensitivity and Sound sensitivity this is driving me crazy and I am very down and depressed
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