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monthly health insurance premium

I have health insurance thru my employer and I had to choose my health insurance plan for the next fiscal year. I was surprised that my monthly premium shot up from $320 to $607. It is an Aetna PPO with $500/person and $1500/family deductible. Is this possible under the new health insurance law? I thought the Blue Shield's planned premium increase of 35% was outrageous but this just blows my mind.
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replied May 26th, 2010
Hi Dongchimi,
I think it’s all a big mess! As much as the government thinks they can govern health care I just don’t believe they can govern the health care industry or the business per say. "Health Insurance" Is run like a business by business people. I mean your situation is proof! Your premium doubled, and that is horrible.

My premium was outrageous as well. I then did some research online and found health benefits that allow me to get the same professional services without the crazy prices of insurance. I pay for what I want and when I want it.

I have 2 kids as well so I absolutely had to make sure they are covered. Their now covered and I don’t have to pay extra for them and we've used the benefits as well. Insurance is just crazy. The alternative health benefits are for everyone, working or non working. Some employers also reimburse for alternative health benefits. So If you or anyone else wants to know more just send me a quick message and I will be happy to show you what I found and what works for my family.
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