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11 month old with diarrhea

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My 11 month old daughter has had diarrhea for one week now and I am starting to get concerned. The first couple of days I thought perhaps it was a stomach bug or I changed up her foods a little but since then I have gone back to her regular diet and nothing has changed. My son would get diarrhea before cutting a tooth, but I can't remember the diarrhea lasting this long.
She has been fussy and tired, but drinking lots and still has a healthy appetite.
Do you think perhaps there is a tooth coming? I don't see anything as of yet though.

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replied June 28th, 2009
hello there,
my granddaughter had this problem and it turned out a mixture between teething and a bug...the diahorrea was terrible it shot out of her so was change of clothes as well as nappy,s..
we took her to doctor to have her checked as we worried for dehydration..she was happy enough the wee soul but mum,s shall be mum,s..
get baby checked out your doing everything you can but this has went on for too long..

my granddaughter went for nearly 8 days but was prescribed antibiotics and it cleared in no time..
hope this helps you and baby gets well soon.
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