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3 month old will not make eye contact

my 3 month old son will not make eye contact with me or anyone. This is my second child but i dont remember when my daughter started making eye contact. I am worried because my son looks up all the time and just will not make eye contact
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replied May 23rd, 2011
Eyecontact can have a lots of different meanings.

When you looking at a rival as example you fighting with the eyes. You secretly try to dominate.
When you looking at your beloved husband or children you usually try to make a contact a communication.
When you try to make a contact you usually smile so the other person feel more comfortable with your eyes.

For your son think about what your eyes say. Maybe you can feel what he understand. Is he avoiding eyecontact or just not creating it?

Every children has its own personality. Maybe your Son just dont like this kind of contact. Maybe its not feeling good for him if he avoid it.

So the question would be: Why is it so important for you that he makes eyecontact?
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replied September 9th, 2011
infants who avoid eye contact
there is a brain disorder that makes an infant unable to look at faces because what they see is nothing but movement this disorder can cause a lot of problems for the baby and family but there are specialists that can help the infant and family manage it. it is important to find out if this is the problem so he should be seen by a specialist. there are a lot of medical people who are not familiar with this so ask around. The name of it is prosopagnosia.
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