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Mono...Red substance in my flem...normal, rare, or serious??

So I was diagnosed with mono about a month ago. Everything started to clear up then I got all my symptoms back. They are not sever so I am not to worried about that. What I am worried about now is my throat is much more sore than last time, and this morning I brought up flem and I noticed red substance in it. I kept bringing up flem and eventually it was only this red substance and my saliva. I have not ate or drank anything (expect water)today. I do not know if it is blood or tissue or what ever else it could be. I just want to know if this is normal? or at least a rare symptom? If it is not I also need to know so that I can go to the hospital; however I would like to avoid this route because I am visiting my brother out of province which makes things more complicated. So if someone could tell me if this is normal or rare, and possibly how to fix it that would be great.
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replied August 25th, 2011
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Coughing up blood is not normal.

If it is just tiny amounts, little streaks or spots, it will probably be okay, if it does not get worse.

However, if it is more than that, then it is more concerning. It is possible to rupture a small blood vessel in the throat, which will cause some streaking of the sputum.

If the sputum is mostly blood, then it is having time to pool, thus the amount of bleeding is more significant. If the blood has had time to clot, the color may be rusty or brown.

There are several causes of hemoptysis, such as infections, pulmonary embolis, trauma, clotting disorders, or medications.

Hemoptysis is a significant medical problem that needs to be evaluated. So, if the blood in the sputum is quite a bit, then you should probably see a physician about it.

Good luck.
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