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Mono Dizziness and Fatigue but no fever

I'm 31 and have had mono for 9 weeks now. Lots of dizziness + wooziness, and tested posistive in mid April for an acute mono infection. I also had bad allergies + asthma in may which triggered some set backs.

Last week was just starting to feel a bit fresher, but got a little sunburn on Saturday, was in the heat, etc and boom I'm back 3-4 days of feeling ill.

I never really had a bad sore throat or fever, just lots of the above symptoms, general malaise, etc.

How long can this last for? This feels like sort of a unique set of symptoms for mono, but some people in the forum seem to have a similar experience.

Please let me know if this sounds at all consistent with mono. I have had a battery of other blood work + physical tests, and they say I'm healthy besides the mono.

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replied May 16th, 2009
hi, I have mono too and I was just diagnosed 2 days ago but I seem to only have a bad cough, very mild sore throat, runny nose, and a low fever (99-101) that goes on and off, and a pain in my abdominal area. I keep reading of all of these horrible sore throats, being extremely tired, but I don't seem to have those symptoms. Does mono get worse before it gets better or is my case only going to last for a few days?
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