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Hello everyone. Ok, so I need some advice, but first let me give you some background on me. In sixth grade, I became extremely stressed because of a bad grade. (Sounds simple, but no). I had nightmares, became extremely fatigued, and I felt like I was on a cruise ship all of the time. (Like I was on a boat on a rocky ocean). I went to the doctor, had a blood test taken, and turned out I had mono. After that, for some reason I never really did anything about it. Sixth grade was a bad year, but eventually things got better. I became less fatigued, my spleen didn't hurt( I believe it was swollen from mono) and I became to feel more like myself. However, for the past seven years( I am now 17, 18 in March) I realize that I have been working around one thing. I still have this sense of motion. Most of the time it is not bad, and it is something that I work around. I began to feel it was apart of me, so I never really questioned it. However, now I am starting to question it. When I get stressed out or think about it, then I feel it more. I do have some anxiety issues here and there but I have gotten better by seeing a therapist. I am also a swimmer, and I swim alot. I have gotten swimmers ear twice before. I also go to school and have a job. I just need advice on what type of doctor I should see because I am realizing now that this vertigo sensation I have does cause me some stress once in a while and I want to know if there is anything I can do about it. I really would like to hear positive feedback because I am already kinda worried about this. For example, my stress about it is causing me to feel kinda whirly so Im trying not to do too much, Please answer asap. Thanks for your help!
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replied January 21st, 2012
Also, could my vertigo have anything to do with The Epstein Barr Virus? I have heard that many people get this virus and you get it when your body is overworked, so Im thinking that maybe I have it due to the fact that I made myself sick with worry in sixth grade. Anyone have any thoughts on that?
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replied January 22nd, 2012
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You're most likely going to have to follow up with your Doctor to be sure there's nothing going on..Mono is notorious for residual effects, but you never know..There's simple otc medications that can treat vertigo like Meclizine. I'd still see a Doctor first..After I got mono 2 years ago, I still get anxious and dizzy from time to time, especially while driving.
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