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Mono and flying ?

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I'll be moving to a new country in about a month and currently I've just been diagnosed with Mono. My super sore throat is horrible, I've only had it for about a week now but I would never wish this pain on anyone.
My concern is my ears. I keep being told I don't have an infection but my left ear is so sore I can't even sleep on it. I think this is caused by my sore throat since it's worse on my left side.
Has anyone flown with Mono?
I'm worried about the ear popping experience and any other problems that might arise.
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replied August 3rd, 2009
I just got mono, and I deserve it completely. (long story hahaa)
but I flew from Ireland to NY a few days ago, and I was fine, just felt like a jerk for putting others at risk of getting it.

I'll be flying again somewhere else on thursday, and I'll let you know if its any worse but my 7 hour flight had been fine so Im sure this will be too
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