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Monkey Saliva and now not feeling well


I'm a Canadian travelling in Thailand. A monkey put its mouth on the open end of my water bottle, and not knowing, I then took a drink. I assume it may have had some saliva on it. I was told by someone after what had happened.

That night I had a feeling in the back of my mind like I was getting a cold; you know, when you think you're coming down with something. As well, I had a small canker on the inside of my lip. Sure enough, the next day I have a stuffy nose and cold symptoms (I would describe them as cold symptoms, not flu symptoms). I cannot remember if I had the canker prior to the monkey saliva.

I went to the doctor and he gave me all the shots I would need to prevent rabies. Should I be worried about anything else? He brushed off all my questions like he dealt with a lot of worried tourists and just insisted rabies is the only thing to worry about.

The canker is pretty much healed and my cold is starting to mend. My wife also caught the cold, though, from me, or the monkey as it did jump on her lap. It was young, probably about 2-6 months depending on how fast monkey's grow.

Today is approximately 80 hours since the exposure with the monkey, to give a time frame.

I've also been given and started taking Acyclovir but I wanted to be sure it won't effect those other two shots I got for rabies. I'm pretty sure it's safe but will it make the rabies stuff less effective? I found one note online saying not to take Acyclovir-hydrocortizone with the rabies vaccine but i think that's something different.

I'm still in Thailand, and scheduled to travel to Vietnam next, then home in March.
Thank you,

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