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Monistat Causes Burning

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Monistat One Day was NOT LYING when they said that inserting the ovule may cause a slight burning sensation. I inserted my ovule about half an hour ago (that would be about 12:30am Eastern Time) and, though it's not severe, the burning sensation is aggravating! Thank GOD this is a one day treatment. Has anyone had a similar experience with the burning? Also, does anyone know how long it takes before my yeast infection will go away using this treatment? I am almost 30 years old and this is only the third yeast infection I've ever had. The first was in 1999 when I first started Ortho Tri-Cyclen. I had to use the seven day treatment as it was the only on the market at the time. It was HELL! The second was in the early 2000s when I switched from the brand to the generic form of OTC. I believe I used a one day treatment but don't remember anything about it. I went off of The Pill for several years due to being sexually inactive and without insurance. I was lucky enough to get insurance again and, although I NEVER went without my yearly exam (I've had cervical cancer - inherited, not SAFETY before cash!), I was put back on birth control in January 2009. I asked my doctor to put me on NuvaRing because my cousin so highly recommended it. Plus, I'm HORRIBLE about taking pills the same time daily. However, I ended up getting two to three periods a month about nine or ten months in, but it didn't happen each month. I was due for my yearly exam in January and was having my THIRD period that month. My doctor said that NuvaRing would protect me against pregnancy but was just too low dose to support my endometrial lining. He said that since OTC had worked for me in the past, "why reinvent the wheel?" I'm now on Tri-Sprintec (my first month of this generic form of OTC) and was doing fine until ten days ago when I had to start taking antibiotics for a sinus infection. I am 100% certain that the combo of the two is what caused this yeast infection. Sadly, I suffer from migraines and could not do a damned thing about the yeast infection until today, when I MADE myself shower and run to the pharmacy. Anyway, as I've spent 15 minutes typing this novel, the burning sensation has subsided a bit. I'm sorry for being wordy, but I wanted to give you background since this is my very first post. Does anyone know how long it should be before I expect relief from the infection? I start my period next week and would prefer NOT to use pads as I find them very messy (though I'm using one now, but that's due to any discharge from the ovule). The Monistat insert (which I read ALL of) said to consult a doctor of symptoms don't go away in three days, but since there's Monistat One Day, Three Day, and Seven, should I expect to feel better within 24 hours? Thanks for bearing with me and for any and all responses!!!
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replied February 28th, 2010
All I can say is that if Monistat doesn't work for you (it didn't for me and I used both the 1 day and 7 day) try Canestan, I started using and it seems to be working. I asked the pharmacist the different b/t the two and he said that Canestan doesn't burn/irritate as much. So try that if Monistat doesn't work. You should notice a big difference in 24 hrs. You can also get a pill from your doctor (I tried that and that as well didn't work). I must say though that so far impressed w/Canestan's results. (Fingers crossed).
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