Here's the deal. My mother and I are both grown adults.
We decided to build a house together because we both wanted a nice house but couldn't afford it on our own. Our relationship we strong and peaceful.

But now we can barely stay in the same house with out wanting to destroy each other. She is incompetent. For the longest time i had taken her bank account and paid the bills for her... because she was in her addiction and couldn't be counted on to pay for things herself. Even though this she is sober for this short time... I know it wont last... it never does with her. She doesn't come out into the house and clean things up... You never see her in the yard fixing the place up. She doesn't do anything.

Is there a way I can put the house up for sale without her signature? I need out Very soon! I'm also getting married and would really like to start a new life with the man I love.

I need a plan. I tried talking to her to convince her to put the house on the market. I am the primary owner and she is the secondary, however she put money down and i didn't. I want half. For everything I've had to do for her, and for the work I've put into this place.

Please write me with your in put.
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replied September 3rd, 2008
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so i guess i didn't pick a good topic name since no one cared to respond. yes this is such a great day.
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