My dermatologist had identified something I believed to be a blackhead to be a mole(on my nose). Its small, almost a millimeter. I believe it has gotten smaller since months ago- but the mole itself has stayed for over 2 years now despite ingestion of Isotretinoin and application of Clindamycin/Adapelene. Similar to that also lies on the other side of my nose. Below my lips are two black spots which may be flat moles, fairly small. I'm 17 years old.
I have been suggested removal of the mole on my nose. However, before I go along with this I want to make sure I have no scars left after the treatment and if there are, a healing period of less than a month makes it look flawless.
The marks itself are concerning to me(aesthetically only) but I'm willing to consider options that do not have the risk of scarring or such. What would my options be presently?
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replied May 7th, 2019
Update: procedure took place.
answer now unnecessary,
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