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Mole removal on eyelid

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I have a few moles in the face. two on each side of my chin and there growing hair and get infected with acne. The other one is the one that concerns me because it sits on the rim of my lower eyelid and it seems to have gotten bigger as time is passing the same goes for the other two. I was wondering what kind of procedure would be need it to remove it and will there be any nerve damage to the eye lid? Will insurance cover this and what is the cost?
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replied June 13th, 2009
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They numb your rim with a needle, and then quicky cut it off. It's quick and virtually painless and yes, most insurances cover it. No nerve damage to the lid or any other place.
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replied December 15th, 2009
I do not think that the surgery can hurt you.It is an easy surgery where everything is done very quickly and as far as your nerve issue is considered ,I do not think that if you get the correct doctor you will have any kind of issue.So i can only request you to be careful in whatever you do.Please choose your doctor wisely as a doctor can make or break your life forever and this time it is related to your eyes.And stop worrying just be and feel confident.
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