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moldy body odor

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Recently my 20 year old son has a mouldy smell coming from him it is also on his bedding I have 2 other children who do not have this problem so it cant be the washing machine or towels etc I have cleaned his room and I know he bathes and deoderises himself properly I am at my wits end please help me with a solution
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replied February 11th, 2010
I am 20 and my male flatmate seems to have this problem. I would suggest trying different deoderants, body washes etc as I know from experience some different washes leave me smelling fresher than others. use air freshners in his room regularly and maybe get him some nice aftershave which would help mask the smell. I dance everyday so i carry around deodrant and body spray to top myself up during a day. Is he sweating a lot? Theres a product called driclor which you put under your arms at night when your sweat glands are least active and wash off in the morning. It can be quite itchy at first but this is normal from people that I know who have used it. It reduces your sweating during the day and you can gradually use it less and less as needed. Hope you find something that works!
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