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Moderate drinker who just quit, but am having fits with low BS

Why is that? First off, I recently had labs done with my provider and he said I was borderline diabetic with a A1c test at 6.1, my blood sugar was at 91 at the time of the fasting test. After talking with him about how I need to change my diet, I have done just that. I totally cut out artificial sugars, caffiene, alcohol (I used to drink a 6 pack+ 2 or 3 nights a week), red meat, and low sodium as I also have borderline high blood pressure usually 140/90. I've totally modified my diet by eating whole grain breads instead of white, a lot of fruits and fiber rich veggies, chicken and fish and egg whites, and nuts. I also took to the gym for the past 3 weeks now and have seen my blood pressure drop by a whole 10 points.
With all that said. I've been having what feels like low blood sugar. I get really anxious, light headed, dizzy, disoriented and have had a little trouble sometimes pronunciating certain words during these little spells. It's almost as if I'm in a drunken state. It also fluctuates. One minute it goes away and then it comes right back, over and over until I eat some fruit or drink some fruit juice. Is anyone else suffering from something like this?
I talked to my doctor this morning and he said I shouldn't worry and too keep on my current diet until I see him again. I'm going to a nutritionist tomorrow to discuss my diet and to see if I'm eating right
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