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7mo old hitting head

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Ok, she sits up and loves to crawl around and LOVES pulling herself up on everything she can get ahold of (especially someones leg, lol).

EVERYDAY she hits her head on purpose. She grabs ahold of something with both hands and repeatedly hits her head until she starts to cry (I try to get to her quickly, but to no avail). She loves doing it mostly in the morning and evening. In the morning in her crib she hardly cries, but at night before she goes to bed, I let her crawl around and that's when she usually cries by doing it.

I was wondering why she does it? Is it something I should have her head evaluated for, like autism or something?

She also throws herself back when she's upset. If I don't have ahold of her when she does it, she goes completely back and hits her head. It's almost like a two year old tantrum she throws, only worse, I can't reason with her yet.
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replied November 25th, 2008
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Your daughter sounds perfectly normal. I don't think it's autism at all. Sometimes kids and babies do this to sooth themselves: head banging is actually pretty common and many times, nothing to worry about. She probably won't be able to do any damage to herself. Here's a link to help you with more info; I think you will find it very interesting.

Of course, if you still have concerns, you can have her professionally evaluated, but I doubt there is any reason to worry Smile

Then there is the throwing herself around issue. Welcome to kid tantrums! Just expect the unexpected with her. My baby just started doing it within the last month (she is 10 months) and it caught me off guard. It's funny to see how they have minds of their own even at so young an age!
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