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MMF Fantasy to Reality

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I'm convinced that my two year addiction to crystal meth has re-shaped my sexual mind. I've been happily married to the same beautiful woman for over 28 years. We have always had a great and somewhat normal sex life with the exception of my foot fetish, but thats another post altogether. I started using meth in 1992 and thats when I discovered that I got extremely turned on by looking at pictures of larger than average, Penis'. My wife and I were thumbing through several porn magazines getting ready for another all-nighter when I realized she would stop on the pages showing the Men's hardons. She would make these moans of approval on the ones that she really liked. Then she started asking me what I thought about them. Before that day, my whole life up to that point I was a true homophobe. The thought of seeing men as sexual objects never crossed my mind and was actually repulsive. It was then I noticed that I was getting extremely hard and horny looking at them. I didn't like looking at the male body as a whole but the penis was a different story. Thats the only thing I would focus on. Nothing else. When my wife asked again what I thought, I just told the truth and said that I wouldn't mind sucking one like that!
It really caught her off guard and she just paused, and then said....reeaalllyyy? That would be so hot. Needless to say we screwed like rabbits a short time later and thats when our/my fantasy begins. I would say that I would love to bring in another man to help my wife and I, but he would have to leave his body at the door. Only his large penis and balls would be welcomed into our bed. Now folks, is that crazy or what? And one last thing. I would really get off on sucking it and taking the cum, but only if my wife is right there with me and helping. I couldn't do it any other way. She must be present or my desire is just not there.
I guess by now everybody is saying......what the.. Shocked !
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replied April 24th, 2009
I wouldnt even say that your bi. You wanna suck a knob but you dont want any other physical contact with him.
There's nothing i like more than to see 2 men going at it mmmmmmmm lol

Talk it over with your lassie and see what she says x
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replied May 8th, 2009
Well this is a hard one.....uuuummmm

Its alot of didnt ways to take this..but I have heard of ppl incorporating another into there sexual endeavors. I personally dont think you are gay b/c u have this curiousity. If thats the case the "aloha-male fantasy" would make the women a lesbian MFF. Same difference.

I cant say its wrong or right due to couples reach an agreement before action is taken but....I give u this.

#1 Be careful of this due to a void in the relationship sometimes these things can cripple a relationship/marraige.

#2 If this happens to want to be a reoccuring thing make sure it is fully disscussed to the highest degree; and I know it sounds repulsive but what if "it" goes to the next level if u know what I mean.

This is a very touchy subject
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replied May 13th, 2009
Extremely eHealthy
I don’t think that’s crazy. I have a similar version of MMF fantasy. I cannot imagine the other man with a face. Like its just his body parts, mainly his penis and hands. So if your crazy then I am to. When I do try to see his face my arousal stops. It doesn’t continue for me if this other person is really a person. Who the heck knows. There has to be some kind or emotional or psychological block. Im 100% in love with my husband…maybe that is why I cant????
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replied June 12th, 2009
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dude, take some extenz, then u will have one and wont need another guy (and if worse comes to worse, suck your own, but please dont go gay!!!) (no offence to the gay guys, one of my best friends is gay, also my cousin)
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replied July 7th, 2009
Extremely eHealthy
This is not homosexuality, you have a wife and you can't even contemplate this activity without her being present. It may not even be bisexuality so much as legitimate sexual exploration. It's a healthy fantasy, a lot of men have it. Some of them have answered above more will probably answer below.

This is an unhealthy practice. In a stable relationship a threesome is unpredictable and drama-inducing. You're a former drug addict with an unstable sexlife (fetishism, porn, ED issues). If you intend to go through with a threesome you need to prepare for the end of your marriage with your wife. It's a very real outcome for you both.

The only penises that don't come with a body are the big rubber ones they sell in porn shops (Which could be a great solution for both of your desires, take a shot at giving your wife oral sex while she wears a strap-on). Your third will be a real person with feelings and desires. Even if you can ignore everything but his penis during the act you will likely realize it at some later point and have to come to terms. So it's really destructive not to address this from the start. For that matter you ought to be sure your wife is dealing with the reality that a second penis will be attached to a different man than her husband.
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