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Mitral Regurgatation and Visible pulse

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I've been suffering from this visible pulse (bounding pulse?) in my abdomen, wrist and temple.. My doctor put it all under anxiety. I've had EKG, T-wave, 24 hr holter monitor, Chest Xray and CT scan... Everything came back fine, in march-april..

I just got an Echo done for the first time in my life a couple weeks ago.. Yesterday I got the results, and my doctor told me I had Mitral regurgatation.. He said it was so slight that I shouldn't worry about it, but I beg to differ. At the end of the evaluation, he also told me, drink a bit more water (which is all i drink, and i drink a ton of it, at least 5-6 16 oz bottles a day, at the bare minimum) because my BP was on the low side.. I checked it earlier that day and it was 127/58.. Also my heart rate seems to be high usually anywhere from 80-92 everytime i do my BP at the store.
I've also experienced shortage of breath on occassion when I get anxious, since I do have some anxiety problems.

I asked him if these things were related to the MR, he told me no, and dismissed it. Can somebody please tell me what the problems are related to this problem and if these symptoms are related also. I'm talking with a cardiologist this weekend, btw.

What causes MR?? I was sick back in february maybe it was strep.. but if i had rheumatic fever i'd be severely ill right now right? Could I have been born with this? I remember the exact day the bounding pulse started.. I had flutters in my heart (maybe it was muscle spasms..) and got extremely anxious.. I woke up the next morning with this extremely strong pulse back in march.. it hasn't gone away since.

thank you for reading and in advance for your reply.
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replied October 28th, 2010
My brother had a severe mitral regurgatatioon. The doctor said it was caused by rhuematic fever when he had strep throat when he was a kid (he's 22 years old no). He used to have shortness of breathing, palpitation (fast heartbeat) and chest pain. He had been operated days ago and thank God he's now recovering. I suggest you seek advise to Cardiologist. Will pray for you. Thanks
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