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My sister is an 18 year old mother. Her son is almost 6 months old.

It infuriates me to simply witness her with my nephew.

She got pregnant with some "gangster" within 24 hours of MEETING him. Not saying much for mom OR dad, eh'?

She ended up staying with the "gangster" for financial support (which he doesn't even provide *his money goes toward beer*) He has threatened to drown her in a toilet (when she was hung over it sick one night), he constantly chases her into the baby's room (where my sister hides from him) and he'll bang on the door until it cracks (now the baby wakes up crying)

She finally left him after I called the police on him *Oh yeah - they were living at my mom's house during this time*
Then she got with him again, and broke up (This happened over and over again).

She's not been with him for a couple of months at most. But now, she's always out spending mine and your taxes (welfare) on a night out. Then later on begging my mom for money for diapers and formula (which my mom gives into; I say to my mom and sister "Use a f***ing cloth and clean it every time he sh*ts" Otherwise she will not learn to save the money.

Sorry by-the-way, I'm kinda venting...

So, my mom babysits about 20 hours of a day - everyday, and it seems that for 3 of the 4 leftover hours, she sleeps through him crying. The left over hour; she tries and *pawns* him off on me. I watch him because I'm enraged to think about what he'll grow up to think and feel based on what his mom hasn't spared any time to teach him.

She brings stange OLDER men to the house all of the time,

She leaves her baby upstairs while she is out in the pool with friends or blasting music throughout the house

She yells at him (baby) "Shut the f*** up" everytime he cries

So my morale is, I wanted to adopt him because his mother is useless. Agreed?

But I also am far too young for a child (I'm 22), and she'll just keep popping them out anyway. So what is there to do? She's condemning him to a corrupt life, and he does not deserve it.

Something needs to happen, now. She refuses to get a job. She actually says "Why would I get a job when the Government will give me money for free?"

What kind of moral values is she gonna teach him?

Oh my... Please help me, help him...?
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replied August 14th, 2008
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omg honey.. i am 22 and i have a 6 month old daughter and i cant beleave that some one would actually have a child and not take care of it.. i know that it seems like you are young but no matter what you will never really be ready until it happens but god put that baby here for a reason and if that reason is for you to take him and raise him oddviously better than your sister can or ever would then thats what you have to do... Casue if some one doesnt take charge quickly than there is no telling what is going to happen to him.. God bless you and that baby and keep me posted cause i want to know what happens and kiss that sweet baby for me..

your in my prayers
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replied August 16th, 2008
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Officer Jagger, I know this is hard to watch.

The only option for you is to call child protective services and let them evaluate the situation. The child would then be placed in a foster home.

The reason I don't give any other option is because your sister seems to be not willing to cooperate or listen to anything anyone else has to say and will use people so long as she is still in control. Giving you custody takes her out of that......but still, you might speak to your sister about your taking care of the baby if you would prefer that, since 22 is definitely not a bad age to care for a child. Capability and love matters, not age.
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