If you miss a reminder pill and have unprotected sex while you're on your period but he pulled out and I take the plan b pill is there a way I could be pregnat?
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replied December 3rd, 2010
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torielove2004, The pill protects you every single day of every single cycle. The reminder pills contain nothing of value. You can throw them away without affecting your cycle or fertility.

As long as you took your active pills as directed and you restart the next pack at the right time, you are protected from pregnancy. Taking Plan B will just affect your health and make you bleed some more during your cycle. It does not protect you any better than your normal pills.

Unless you are with a long term partner, unprotected sex is a bad idea. It does not protect you from infections and STDs. And the pill and condoms together are as close to perfect for birth control that you can get.

Take care!
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