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missing mirena coil with late periods and pregnancy symptoms

Soooo had the mirena coil fitted around a year and a half ago, regular periods since! My periods are now as little as 6 days late, I feel as I am having slight pregnancy symptoms, cramping, increase in discharge, nausea (which I never had with my 1st 2 pregnancy's), sore heads, tired during day then cant sleep at night, tender boobs and just feel pregnant although not sure if my body is playing tricks on me!!! lol I have took 4 hpt all neg over 5 days! With my 1st pregnancy it took 4 tests to finally get a pos result! Anyhow went to the docs today to discuss with her, had a look for my coil and is no where to be seen, surly I would have noticed it coming out lol. Now waiting on her arranging for an ultra sound to see whats going on! In the mean time driving my self mad as I just want to no am I or aren't! Will continue to do tests every couple of days in the meantime!!

Anyone else experienced anything like this or have any info related to this???? Any information from anyone would b fantastic!!!
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replied August 15th, 2011
Missing coil
My Coil has gone missing. and i am experincing all the pregnancy symtoms i have done three test all negative. i am waiting for a scan and have been told to go for a xray. This is worring as i am also getting abdominal pain. i would be interested to know if anyone has been pregnant while the coil is missing?
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replied April 11th, 2012
ive had the mirena coil in for nearly 5 years the past couple weeks felt really tired and sickly every day i went for a smear test yest so ask the nurse if she could chek my coil at same time she did and couldnt c it so used a mirror and said its not there she did a preg test there and then its neg now am waiting for an emergency scan and im worrid y ive been feeling like this and where my coil is
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