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missed two pills, no symptoms except for my late period

I had a baby almost 5 months ago and started Generess Fe birth control at 6 weeks. We went to a wedding out of town 10 days ago for 2 1/2 days and I had forgotten to take my birth control with me which caused me to have a light period for two days. I caught up on my birth control as soon as I got back home according to the instructions on how to handle if you missed two pills. So I took two pills the day I got home and two pills the following day to properly catch me up on my birth control. However, my regular period was supposed to arrive 5 days ago but I still have not had it as of this point. I don't believe I am pregnant because I am showing no symptoms of that except for my late period. (I have never missed any pills except for that weekend) Is it normal for your period to be out of the norm if this happens? I don't know what else could be causing this late period.
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replied October 26th, 2011
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