My last period finished on the 31st october, I then had sex for the first time on the 3rd of november. So i was due 2 start my period on the 7th of this month as my cycle is every 5weeks. Were on the 14th and i still haven started.
sex was protected my boyfriend used a condom. im gettin al symptns of ma period like.. lower back ache, weak bladder but theres no sign of my period.
i have taken a pregncy test and its come out negative..
so does having sex for the frist time delay your period?
please help..
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replied December 16th, 2010
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It is possible that first sexual intercourse delay your period .
Also, stress can delay your period and i think you have been stressed about it.

When did you take that pregnancy test?
Do you have regular periods?
If it was too early [before your due date of your period] , you could've gotten a false negative !
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