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missed period

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my girlfriend is behind on her period by like 3 days now. she recently had a uti on thursday. it was severe enough to leave her in her bed. we have had protected sex the week week before. im positive i did not get off in her but seeings how last week she shouldve had her period gets me really worried. she took a pregnancy test today and came up negative. im wondering if it is common for a 17 yr old to miss a period by a week or so. she says she is normally un consistant but its been 36 days since her last period. could she possibly be pregnant?
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replied June 1st, 2010
It's always a possibility to be pregnant. I don't think she could get pregnant that fast though. Is she eatting right? Getting lots of iron? Make sure she is and make sure she exercises lots too. If she misses her period again next month go to the doctor and take a test again. Because that's what happened to me.
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