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Missed period for 5 months

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I am a 26 year old in good health who has missed her period since Mar 09. I went to see a general Dr in May and he said the missed period was due to stress and not pregnancy. I had my car broken in to, moved across town, was assaulted at work by boss, all happening in about a 4 week span prior to my missed period. After these events, I could also not sleep at night, I was depressed, lost 15lbs, had several anxiety attacks, and threw up almost daily within an hour of waking up. I also had 2 upper respiratory infections. My Dr said my period should return after I quit my job, so in June I did. It has been almost 4 weeks since quitting and while I can sleep at night and the nausea has gone away, my period has not returned. I get terrible cramps in my lower abdomen and when I push on that area it feels hard. Since all the events happening in Feb/Mar I have lost any sexual desire and when I have intercourse with my boyfriend I just feel intense pain in my lower abdomen which makes me cry. I also feel a lot more angrier and more aggressive and quick to get mad. I, sometimes, experience my usual body changes prior to my period (more acne and moodiness) but they don't seem to go away, just go from mild to worse. I am not able to see a doctor for another 2 months, I must wait until I get coverage under someone else plan, but I am looking for answers now.
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replied July 12th, 2009
that was your doctors opinion and not the 100% truth. there are many reasons why a person stop getting their periods, and stress is one of them.
what you have is called amenorrhea (stop getting menses).
premature ovarian failure, low body weight, menopause,pregnancy, contraseptives, breastfeeding,mental stress, medications,hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid, ovary, or adrenal glands, moderate or excessive exercise or eating disorders,physical or psychological stress.
for more information go to webmd and enter in amenorrhea
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