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Missed period for 74 days and counting

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Hello everyone, I'll start off by saying I am 18 years old, 5'5, 130ibs, and on the medicines Seroquel 50mg and Lamictal 100mg. I have been recording my period cycles for over a year now since I have very irregular cycles. My average cycle length is 39 days, the shortest being 32, the longest being 53 after my first time becoming sexually active. Currently I am on day 74 of my cycle without a period. I have been sexually active, but have taken multiple pregnancy tests and all are negative. I am concerned because I have had no signs of starting and I have never had such a large gap Inbetween cycles. I have been taking the same amount of medicine for close to a year so I wouldn't think it would make a difference now. I have not gained nor lost any significant weight. My stress level has increased since starting college, but I have been stressed before. I don't drink or do drugs. Any thoughts? Thank you.
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