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Missed period after two months of being on...

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Hello, i'm a sixteen year old girl and i'm kind of worried. The last time i had sex was in June, and i came on my period in June and July, but last month i missed it and well i was very stressed post pone GCSE results, and i haven't had sex since june (and i used a condom) and i have also come off the pill recently.. please help me!
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replied September 26th, 2012
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Just give it some time and try to relax. You have to learn to relax, even when you have reason to stress. find something to do, read, watch movies, hang out, hobby. consider doing some physical exercises, run, walk, cycle, gym, dancing or yoga.

You used a condom and were on the pill, so pregnancy is out of the question. It can take a while for your period to come back after stopping the pill. If you got on the pill to regulate your cycles, there is also a chance that they will still be irregular.
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