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missed four birth control pills... now what?

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I recently messed up taking my bc pills. At the beginning of the month I missed a couple but then I got back on track. Well the third wk of active pills the last wk before my perion I missed four pills. Had sex with my bf twice. I didn't even think about them completely forgot! Well my period didn't start till the middle of the week and was light but brownish and only lasted two days. I shoulda have started a new pack the sunday after but I didn't. now im having alot of issues. I been cramping alot, tired not feeling well and have noticed alot of clear white colored discharge. its been a little over two wks since I missed them and had sex. Im freaked out because all the symptoms I been told lately. I took a test a wk ago and there were no lines at all! Im just not sure if its my pill messing with my body or if im pregnant!
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replied August 23rd, 2011
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Your pill only protects against pregnancy if you miss 1 pill if you miss 2 or more it is much less effective at preventing a pregnancy.

If you did not use condoms along side your pill you could well be pregnant.

Seeing as you have taken a test and no lines showed, that would suggest you didn't do it correctly. Re-take the test and see what the result is. If it is negative, then retake the test again in 7 days to confirm the result.

If it comes back postive, you MUST stop taking your pill immediately.

If you're not pregnant, next time you should be more careful with your pill and if you miss 2 or more pills for the rest of that pack use condoms or another form of birth control and skip your placebo pills and go straight onto the active ones so you don't have a 7 day break.

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