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Miserable with TMD- Will this get worse over time?

I am a 19 year old female who has TMD for about 4 years now. Mine is characterized by having to kind of move my jaw to the side and adjust it every time I want to open my mouth wide. Ever since I recognized this for what it is, I've become hyperaware of it and obsessed with it. I just feel like I'm always thinking about the position of my jaw and how it feels and if I should be moving it in another position. This especially bothers me in trying to sleep. I've made the transition to sleeping on my back but I just kind of lie awake, always aware of my jaw. It's not painful or even uncomfortable really - I am just terrified that it could get worse and that I could one day not be able to open my mouth. I have so many years ahead of me (well... hopefully) that the idea of it getting worse can be very depressing.

I have a couple questions for you all. Will this get worse over time? If I minimize my jaw use and only open wide when I need to, should I be okay? Are there any solutions you recommend? Is anyone doing TMD research? Is there any hope?

Additional info is that I do have pretty poor posture and sometimes have neck pain - should I focus my efforts on fixing that? Do chiropractors work?

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