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misdiagnosed in 1991.i have been so traumatised

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i was misdiagnosed in 1991.i have been so traumatised by misdiagnosis that i am a virtual is like a horrible stain on my body that eats me up and stops me do i get rid of this label?.i know what real schizophrenia is and i would say i probably display 1% of symptoms if that. gosign
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replied November 2nd, 2011
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I wouldn't worry about the label, it's meaningless.

And just don't tell anyone.

And I've been scarred as well, although I realize one day I will wear them proudly, Ill show everyone, because they don't know.

Are you on medication, do your one percent of symptoms return without them, and are they severe enough that you need medication, if only some of the time.
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