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Miscarrying ?

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I have been on the birth control Trivora for over a year now. My periods are typically very light now, and flow from (starting sugar pills on Sunday) Monday to Thursday. 3 weeks ago, while my period was ended (Friday), I had intercourse without any protection. I was still on sugar pills at the time and did not start taking them again until the following Sunday. Nine days into that Birth control cycle, I missed one pill. That night I began spotting, which I expected. However, the spotting turned into a period with a very heavy flow, with bits and chunks of tissue. It has been 5 days since the skipped pill, and I have been taking my pills consistently since, but I am still bleeding heavily. Because I had completely unprotected sex, I knew I had the possibility of being pregnant. With this bleeding though, I am worried that there is something wrong, like I may be miscarrying. Can you please help me understand what is happening?
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replied November 10th, 2009
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It sounds like your body decided to have a real period and shed the uterus lining (the bits and chunks of tissue). Normally while you are using the pill your period is just artificially caused bleeding.

The combination of the sugar pills and missed opill probably allowed your body to do its job.

This is just my guess. Talk to your doctor if you think something seriously is wrong.
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