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Miscarry or ectopic pregnancy ?

I am 20 and a second year in college. This summer, I lost my virginity, and I immediately got checked out because we did not use a condom and I was worried about STDs and pregnancy. 4 days after, I went to the clinic and my tests all came back negative, including the blood test for pregnancy. It was such a relief.

The next month, I got my period at the right time. It wasn't heavy, but I don't think it was implantation bleeding. A few days later, I was with the same guy and we had sex. Towards the end, he was fingering me, and I started bleeding. It was all over his fingers and I even felt quite a rush of blood inside of me. We had sex one more time that night and haven't since.

Since then, I had a really horrible period while I was across seas (which is unusual for me). I also had 2 "periods" this month. The first one lasted for the normal length of time but was extremely light and had blood so coagulated and black that I am not even sure if it was blood. The second came a few days after the end of the first. It was profuse and I couldn't go 2 hours without changing a tampon, but it only lasted a day and a half. My breasts and nipples have been abnormally sore and feel a bit bigger.

I'm not sure what happened. Was I pregnant? Did he tear something (he wasn't rough)? Could it be an ectopic pregnancy? I know that that doesn't always show up on pregnancy tests. Could it be hysterical pregnancy?
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