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miscarriage & positive ana results

Hi there,

Help! I am confused!!

I am 31 yrs old and have had 3 miscarriages in the last 12 months. I have a healthy 3yr boy, who was conceived naturally. All 3 miscarriages have ended at about 7 weeks. 3 weeks ago I had my third mc! I had a scan which showed a strong healthy heartbeat but for some reason my uterus was contracting! There was also a small blot clot next to the baby! My GP referred me to a Fertility specialist, (in the meantime my naturopath ordered some blood tests) the FS told me that even though I have positive ANA 1:320 result I look healthy and that i've just been unlucky and to keep trying, he didn't even suggest doing any tests!
I can accept that mc do happen as a result of random chromosome problems but this is 3 in a row.. all around the same time.. there must be more to it!
I'm so confused my naturopath thinks this result could mean the reason for my mc but the FS says the test is Irrelevant without even doing any tests because i "look" healthy! My mom "looked" healthy when she died of cancer at 48!
Has anyone else been told they are healthy with a positive ANA and have had a few miscarriages?
Thanks x
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replied August 3rd, 2009
I don't have anything useful to share really but my situation is similar so figured I'd respond. I'm 32yo with four little boys, no miscarriages in between. Then since November have had three miscarriages - at 5 wks, 6 wks, 6 wks. My ANA tested a little high (I forgot to ask for the exact results earlier today) and they've referred me on to a rheumatologist for more testing. Won't get in until August 12th :/ One thing that's made me nervous is that since I had my fourth, my periods have been slightly irregular, although they were on a perfect 28 day cycle my entire life until then. They've also been very heavy, but I know that's normal after having multiple children. However, my periods have been VERY clotty since the first miscarriage and this last one (second period after third miscarriage) was the worst. Will mention that to rheumatologist as well. All my other testing came out normal but not sure what all was tested - which is unlike me not to ask :/ Will try to update here in case anyone is googling for this.
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