Hi everyone, I'm new to all this but have been reading other people's posts & was taking some comfort in all of the messages, so hoped someone could relate to me in the same way.
After three admissions to hospital with bleeding, I had a miscarriage on Wed 9th Aug 2011 very early AM at 23+6 with a little girl. It was a natural delivery. I was told throughout all the bleeding that things were normal after various scans, etc. However, during the last admission, my uterus was hardening & I was in pain, which I had not experienced with any of the other bleeding. Still nothing was done & I accept that nothing could have been done. I know that once labour starts the doctors are helpless.
I started leaking fluids & following a scan, was told my waters had broken. Blood tests were taken & I was shown to have the beginnings of an infection but the doctors couldn't find it. I was put on anti biotics via a drip & eventually went into labour with my daughter.
I have a blood clotting disorder which means I am slightly more susceptible to getting blood clots but it is not severe enough to require medication. However, passing blood clots during labour had me screaming with the pain (more so than delivering the baby) & I am wondering if any one else has experienced this clotting or if it's due to my condition.
I have been bleeding for the last 6 days & would like to know if this is considered a period. I want to know when to expect ovulation so that we can try again?
I just feel empty inside. I was someone's mother less than a week ago & now I have nothing. I just want that feeling inside me again.
Thank you to anyone who responds xx
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replied August 24th, 2011
Extremely eHealthy
I'm soo utterly sorry for your loss.

try when you and your partner both feel ready to and not before. You need to give yourself and partner time to grieve your loss and give your body time to heal.

Some find it hard to heal until they fall pregnant again. I know that 'empty' feeling it's not nice.

Talk to your partner about how you're feeling rather than bottling it up inside.
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replied October 19th, 2011
I knw exactly how you feel.... My baby was born sell just 2 weeks again... her heart stopped beating 1 week before thou ... she was a gorgeous baby girl.... I was 27 weeks then , but my baby stopped growing at 23 weeks... her heart still kept beating until 27 weeks and then it was too tired ... I found out now that I have a blood clotting disorder too, which i will need to take aspirin if I fall pregnant again and maybe aspirin. There is a blood test though u need to do after 6 weeks of your delivery called APA maybe u should consider doing it before you fall pregnant again... I know exactly how u feel.... 3 weeks in and I still cry every night... missing my daughter and the feeling of a full womb.... my babies nursery is still there and I will keep there in hope that I'll have her sister soon to fill in my empty womb and eventually her sisters nursery..... I will never forget my daughter thou and no other child will take her place but maybe another duaghter will help me move on... I too am wondering when I can try again, but I guess I need to wait the 6 weeks first and do the tests before i try to conceive so that next time i can take the right medication. sending love your way , praying for you and lighting a candle for your child with mine... Remember you are not motherless... we are still mothers - and next time u get pregnant thats your 2nd child !!!!
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