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mirena miscarraige and thrombophilia

Hi.. My name is Ashley. I am only 17 and I just had a baby almost 10 wks ago n got put on mirena today. On the 23rd of Aug I had unprotected sex and for the past week I have been really sick to my stomach feeling light headed. I thought that maybe I could be pregnant again and I went and took 2 home tests and they both came back neg. I dont know though because if I am then it would be too soon to tell with blood and home tests. Like I said, I went today to get mirena in place for the first time. Should I of told my doctor that I think I might be pregnant? When he looked on the ultrasound, he didnt see anything but Im not sure how far along you have to be to be able to see anything on ultrasound. Can someone please help me? I am scared enough right now because of it all. I cant have another m/c because I already have one almost a yr ago now and it was due to me having thrombophilia and then after the m/c I got pregnant again and both times were NOT planned.. If I would be this time, it would be unplanned as well. I just feel so horrible because of all this.. Please help me.. Someone please...!!
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replied September 15th, 2008
You shouldn't be worried because 2 pregnancy test were negative and the gynecologist must had checked if you were pregnant before he inserted the IUD (mirena).
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