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2/3 minutes between contractions with no dilation ?

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This morning for an hour I timed my contractions. They were about 2/3 minutes apart consistently the entire time. I'm 34 weeks pregnant, and high risk for two reasons. (GD, and Hypothyroidism) I called the advice nurse and they told me to come in.

I went into labor and delivery for 5 hours. They had me hooked up to machines, etc and they saw the contractions, as well. Like I said, VERY CONSISTENT. When I first got there, no dilation.

They ended up giving me a shot to stop the contractions and watched me for about an hour and a half after giving me the shot. The contractions stopped, and they checked me again for dilation. Still, nothing.

They ended up giving me four reasons to come back to labor and delivery and sent me home, thinking it was just me being dehydrated.

I DRINK SO MUCH WATER! Constantly. I really don't think this could be it...For example, at Chili's, I had 5 refills of water during dinner. And this is just dinner... At home, I constantly am refilling my cup with ice water.

I don't think "false labor" is 2/3 minutes apart for an hour + it had to be real labor, or the start of it, right?

I'm really just wondering about how long it will be until I really DO go into labor with dilation and everything, considering how regular these contractions were at week 34??
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