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Minor, warming sensation on penis, Lower abominable pain,

okay well it was my brothers birthday party and we were all drinking.. there was this girl i met a few times but never really talked to.. and we were getting into it, next thing i now were under the blankets and pants fly off. we had sex for about 30 minutes, unprotected (she said she was taking birth control) then she gave me a Blowjob.
after it was done i immideitly took a shower and got cleaned up, (sex can be pretty sweaty.)

i felt fine and when i woke up in the morning i felt a pain in my mid section whenever i tried to stand up straight, when i hunch over it stops, it also hurts in my lower rib-cage and its been 4 days and it still persists (but hurting less day after day)
today i noticed a warming sensation on the head, and added sensitivity to touch on the tip, with no irritations, rashes, redness, nothing.

So could this possibly be an infection/STD?
I need to know because she was a one night stand and im hooking up with a girl i REALLY care about tommorow.
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replied April 18th, 2011
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