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minor stroke and heart attack after effects

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glance I had a minor stroke and heart attack in January. Everyone has really downplayed the stroke portion of things...but I'm having problems dealing and my family is in denial. I've tried to go on like everything is normal, even went back to work for 2 months...I'm back on short term disability again now, due to stress. My boss was purposely leaning on me to get me to quit.

I cry at the drop of a hat, but the hardest part is anger...its like there is always this slow burn of anger and rage, just below the surface. I lash out at my family without meaning to...then I cry. Its like I see myself acting this way but I can't control it. Is this normal? Should I go back to the Neurologist - is something wrong? Or do I just need to go to a therapist to help me deal with things????
My sister seems to think its just hormones(I'm 56 and had previously been on hormone patches, that they won't let me use now.)

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replied September 24th, 2009
Hi, Just Arlene I have some idea how you feel. I went in for laposcopic surgery for a bad gallbladder it turned out I died for 4-5 minutes they got me back then realized I had a gas embolism stroke. I am so angry at the doctor because of his mistake. I find I cry very easily and sometimes I have no idea why I'm cying, I also find my self at times just wanting to curl up and be left alone.Thank God I have a very supportive husband and son. Since I still have my gallbladder makes it worse because I sill have the problem that was supposed to be taken care of which makes me more angry. I have stared to go to a pyschologist to help me, which I would highly recommend to you. Please remember no one knows how you feel not even me because we all handle things differently.Please know there is nothing wrong with you, I was told this crying etc goes with being a stoke victim. I hope this helps you.
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