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Minor problems after PCOS diagnosis

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So, I am a 24 year old female who has been diagnosed with PCOS. I have the whole increase in testosterone and beard to prove it, though I have never really had any cyst problems besides them showing up on an ultrasound.

In the last few years, (especially after giving birth to my two boys)I have started having cramps for the first time during my period. I figured it was normal. Also with these cramps, came tampon sickness. Like I would use a tampon for a hour or two and I would start to feel mild sickness and pain, so I would change the tampon and try to get through it,thinking it was normal. Sometimes the pain and nausea would show up in less than an hour or more, it was random.

Well, today, I tried using a tampon because my period showed up yesterday. As soon as I put it in, I was hit with instant horrible nausea and pain in all my organs. I have no idea what happened,but I left in in for ten minutes trying to power through it and no luck. So, I removed it and am now using a pad, but still feel mildly nauseous. What could this possibly be? I have never felt this horrible using a tampon and I am scared to use one again.

I did try to do some research on my own and it lead to possible endometriosis, which I do fit only a few symptoms of, but not many, like only the tampon pain and the increased menstrual pain over the years. It did say that sometimes endo could be mistaken for pcos, so I am worried. I cannot go to the doctor right now though, as I am waiting for my insurance to kick back in. So any advice or possible explanation for this horrible issue?
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replied December 7th, 2013
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It is not impossible to have endo and PCOS. Your doctor did see the cysts on the ultrasound, and you did experience the testosterone increase, so the PCOS is confirmed? What did you and your doctor decide on to control this? Normally birth control pills are prescribed to stop the cysts from growing, and reverse the effects of the masculinization from the testosterone. It is important not to just let it go on unchecked.

I do not want to sound alarmist, but what you are describing from tampon use sounds like TSS. Once you had TSS, you will experience this every time. So maybe you had mild TSS that went away by itself, and this is the side effect. Tampons are not particularly good for you. The female reproductive track was not designed to have a piece of absorbing material stuck in there and keeping the flow trapped in there.

I am not a tampon hater. I use them myself, on select occasions. So I am not trying to tell you that tampons are bad. I am not a member of the 'tampon police' trying to scare you off tampons. But there are inherent risks to using tampons, but on the other hand, nothing in life comes without risks.

You can consider other forms of internal protection, like menstrual cups. You can first tru disposable InStead to see if you can deal with it. Even if you decide to use just pads, there are those times when you need internal protection or sit out/stay at home. So it is always good to know about menstrual cups.

It is normal for your periods and your experience of them to change over your life time. Events that interrupt your cycles, like pregnancy, emergency contraceptives and normal birth control will normally lead to a change after stopping it. If your cycle interferes with your normal functioning, consider birth control pills to make them regular, predictable and shorter/lighter/less painful.

Best of luck!
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